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Weekly Market Commentary - October 26, 2020 Future Retirees Face New Challenges

Weekly Market Commentary - October 26, 2020 Future Retirees Face New Challenges

This week we discuss concerns that can complicate retirement planning and management: shrinking social security, rising health care costs, and low inflation
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Too Late to Save? Think Again!

There is always something you can do to save for retirement, even if you think it's too late. Read More

Delay Receiving Social Security to Increase Benefits

In 2019 the maximum Social Security benefit is $2,861 a month at the normal retirement age. Read more

3 Major Retirement Hazards to Avoid 

Retirement planning is a tricky process. Even if you have a retirement plan with a clear set of financial and lifestyle goals, it's important Read more

Roughly one-third of people retiring early

did so because they planned to or could afford to. However, a recent survey showed that the most common reasons Read more

Are You Ready for Retirement?

According to the Social Security Administration a 65-year old can expect to live another 20 years on average.
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I would like to rebut this misleading and factually inaccurate view regarding annuities:

Why I still hate annuities. Here are the reasons these investments are bogus.
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Arlon and his family were recently featured in San Clemente's South of the Pier Magazine.

The Enmeier family are true San Clemente locals, having lived here since 1972. According to Florine and Arlon, it has been a wonderful place to establish roots and raise their family. Read more

Thousands of visitors turned out for the 24th Annual Car Show in downtown San Clemente. At Securities America, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and Arlon Enmeier is no exception to that in work or play. We enjoyed meeting many people in the community and sharing the benefits of retirement planning, while showcasing Arlon's very own 1959 Classic Red Convertible Corvette.

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